Case Studies

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Written Access Audits and Reports

This is the full access report carried out in 2010 at London’s famous Stables Market, Camden. Extensive redevelopment works had just been carried out, which had thrown up several issues around accessibility.

This report was to explore the feasibility of a community ramp scheme in the town of Ampthill in Bedfordshire. I carried out a full access audit of the town center and then explored possible solutions for the scheme.

The council of Gerrards Cross required advice on a recent redevelopment of their village center after the opening of a new Tesco Superstore following complaints from local residents. I carried out an access report, explored possible solutions and filmed a video report which is below.

This was a report for 211 Kings Cross Road, after staff there raised concerns about fire escape for disabled clients.

Rough design sketches for a ramp/access path to improve access within part of the Stables Market, Camden.

 Video Access Audits and Reports

This is a video report shot in 2010 that explored the access of the famous Stables Market in Camden, London. It was first shown at the EDRA conference held in Washington DC that year.

This is a video audit of the public domain of the center of Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, carried out for the local community following a redevelopment after the opening of a new Tesco Store.

An item from BBC LDN news concerning the access of the then new GLA building.

Another item from BBC LDN News, this time on the state of London’s streets and how that impacts on wheelchair users.

This is an item from the BBC2 disability magazine show From The Edge concerning parking in London for disabled people, first shown in 2000.

Training Materials

This is the Powerpoint Presentation for Kings College staff and students called “Combating Everyday Disablism”, aiming to open up a discussion about the experiences of disabled people at the university.

Another element of training is Disability Awareness. Here is an example of a short course that would be run after a session similar to the one above. I gave this session when I was hired to be part of Enhance The UK‘s DAT training.

Recently I started working with the Diversity Team at Genesis Housing Association, helping train their staff around disability issues. This is the Powerpoint presentation I designed for the introduction course. In the future we are planning specific courses targeted at the various departments within the organization, that explore how practice and systems can be created to ensure all of their clients can access the service Genesis provide.

I also created a simple had out called Serving Disabled Clients that covers what the staff’s responsibilities are towards disabled customers, and best practice when working with disabled people, either as clients or staff members.

I also always give out an easy read hand out on best practice around language, which outlines up to date thinking on the correct terminology to use when describing disabled people. I have found that many people panic around this issue, so a one page leaflet that can be put up on an office wall really helps.

Talks and Speeches

I spoke at WordCamp London 2017 & WordPress London in March on the drive to make WordPress more accessible. I focused on the theory of accessibility and why it is something any client of a designer, developers or user of WordPress should be committed to. Here are the slides I used. A film of the talk at WCLDN will be live soon.